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Cruising the Islands of Greece

FAQs for Planning Your Cruise to the Greek Isles


Fira, Santorini

The Santorini capital city of Fira sits high on a cliff over the ancient volcanic caldera.

Picture of the Greek Island of Santorini (c) Linda Garrison
Every cruise involves planning, and the Greek Isles are a wonderful cruise destination. Here are some FAQs that will help you plan your cruise to the Greek Isles.

What travel documents do you need? U.S. citizens need a passport, but not a Visa.

What is the main language? Is English enough? Greek is the predominant language, but English is spoken everywhere. I only speak “Southern” and had no problems getting around and communicating on any of the islands we visited.

What currency is used? Greece uses the Euro, which is currently trading at about $1.20/1 Euro, which is not very good for Americans. Credit cards are taken everywhere, and ATM machines are widely available. Travelers to Greece planning to use their ATM or credit cards should call their carrier before traveling to make sure their card is set up to be used overseas.

When is the best time to visit the Greek Isles? The best time to visit the Greek Isles is in the late spring/early summer and in the autumn. The weather is pleasant and not too hot. The most popular time to visit is in July and August. It’s party time in the islands, and everything is hopping. It is also very hot in mid-summer, with temperatures approaching 100. The beaches are packed, and the ancient sites are full of tour groups. Most cruise ships visit the Greek Isles from late spring through November.

What should I pack? If you are on a cruise, you will need to check with the cruise line as to the evening dress – formal, informal, or casual. Ashore, you will need good shoes and casual, cool clothing—the streets are often cobblestone, and the ancient archaeological sites often have uneven stony ground. A broad-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and good sunglasses are essential. Since many of the Greek Isles are almost treeless, (except for olive trees) there’s not much shade. All of the archeological sites have little or no shade. I have cruised the Greek Islands in June and October, and both months had perfect weather—sunny and warm. You might need a sweater in the late autumn or early spring. There is almost no rain in the islands from May through September, and even October and November can be relatively dry. December through February are the rainiest and coolest months.

The Greek Isles are much like the Caribbean in that each island has its own personality and charm. Cruise ships visit several different islands, but three islands seem to be on many itineraries and demonstrate the diversity of the area. Let's take a look at Santorini, Rhodes, and Mykonos.

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