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Dutch Tulips and Other Spring Flowers - Netherlands Picture Album

Dutch Tulip Cruise Photo Gallery


Floriade Tulips from the Netherlands

Floriade Tulips from the Netherlands

Photo (c) Linda Garrison
While Amsterdam is the most famous city in the Netherlands, the rest of the country is full of interesting vibrant flower gardens, quaint villages, and windmills. Spring is the most popular time to visit and the tulips and other bulb flowers are spectacular. In addition, the Dutch villages and windmills contribute to a picture-perfect spring cruise vacation.

The Floriade, a once-every-decade horticultural event was held in Zuid Holland from April through October 2002. Keukenhof Gardens is known as the world's largest flower garden. It is open only 8 weeks each year from late March to May. The gardens are one of the Netherlands most popular attractions, cramming in over 800,000 people each year into the 32-hectare park. Keukenhof is well worth the crowds and I think you will agree when you check out my photos below. Scroll down the page to find links to photos from around the Netherlands and information on cruising this small, picturesque country.

Tulip Fields of Holland - 12 pictures

The Netherlands - Spring Tulip Fields of Holland

Keukenhof Gardens - 20 pictures

Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands

Pictures of the Floriade from the About Cruises Guide's Dutch Journey on the Viking Europe

The Floriade - Pictures from the 2002 Floriade in the Netherlands - Page 1

The Floriade - Pictures from the 2002 Floriade in the Netherlands - Page 2

The Floriade - Pictures from the 2002 Floriade in the Netherlands - Page 3

The Floriade - Pictures from the 2002 Floriade in the Netherlands - Page 4

The Netherlands Floriade - Picture of Floral Garden

Big Spotter's Hill at the 2002 Floriade

Dancers at 1992 Floriade Gala Event

Picture of the first Floriade in the Netherlands in 1960

Sculpture by Ton Kalle, in the near the Roof section of Floriade park

The Floriade - The water lily pond in 2002

An Aerial View of the Floriade Grounds

Aerial View of Floriade from Vijfhuizen

Aerial View of Big Spotter's Hill Under Construction - Floriade 2002

Aerial View of the "Near the Roof" Area at Floriade 2002

Aerial View of the By the Hill Section of Floriade 2002

Closing day at the Floriade preview in October 2001

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