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Porto Venere Italy Pictures

Mediterranean Cruise Pictures of Porto Venere Italy


Porto Venere, Italy

Porto Venere, Italy

Porot Venere Picture (c) Linda Garrison
Most travelers have heard of Portofino, Italy, but nearby Porto Venere is a delightful small town that is well worth the visit. Small cruise ships sometimes include Porto Venene as a port of call, and the village seems almost untouched by modern times.

Porto Venere- Harbor view of this charming Mediterranean village near the Cinque Terre.

Porto Venere- Picture of St. Peter's Church in Porto Venere

Porto Venere- Byron's Grotto

Porto Venere- Cliffside view of Byron's Grotto

Porto Venere - These beautiful tiles decorated each of the doors in the village.

Porto Venere- Fascinating cemetery on a hillside above the village

Porto Venere- A picture of the Mediterranean as seen from Porto Venere.

Porto Venere- A third shot of this picturesque cemetery

Porto Venere- Porto Venere street scene

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