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Madeira Photo Album - 26 Pictures from Island of Eternal Spring

Silversea Silver Whisper Pictures Made on a Cruise from Barecelona to Lisbon


Madeira - Island of Eternal Spring

Madeira has often been called the island of eternal spring

Madeira Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Madeira is off the coast of Portugal and is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Madeira's spring-like climate make it a wonderful vacation destination. The rugged coastline reminded me of Kauai, which is thousands of miles away! Many cruise ships port in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, when on transatlantic cruises. We were lucky enough to spend a day in Madeira while on a cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon on the wonderful luxury cruise ship the Silversea Silver Whisper.

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Funchal, Madeira #1

Funchal, Madeira #2

Funchal, Madeira #3

Four wheel drive vehicles are perfect for mountainous Madeira

Coastline of Madeira

Madeiran cliffside village

Madeira harbor

View of Madeira harbor

Madeira coastline view

Bananas are a primary crop of Madeira

Valley view and hillside village on Madeira Hillside village on Madeira

Island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean

Madeira view of Nun's Corral

Madeira view of valley village and Curral das Freiras

Making Ponche punch in Madeira

Backcountry on Madeira

Levadas are used for irrigation on Madeira

Making Ponche punch, the national rum drink of Madeira

View from sea cliff on Madeira

Coastal Madeiran village

View from Cabo Girao on Madeira

Scenic view of Madeira

Terraced vineyard on Madeira

Terraces on Maderia

Shopping mall on the pier on Madeira

Madeira - Island of Eternal Spring- Article on Madeira

Funchal, Madeira Shore Excursion Options on the Silversea Silver Whisper Cruise Ship

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