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St. Maarten - America's Cup Regatta Shore Excursion

Exciting Caribbean Shore Excursion on St. Maarten


America's Cup Sailing - St. Maarten

Sailing on a former America's Cup yacht in St. Maarten is a great shore excursion

America's Cup Sailing Photo (c) Linda Garrison
While in Philipsburg, St. Maarten on a cruise on the Seven Seas Mariner cruise ship, we enjoyed an exciting shore excursion called the "America's Cup Regatta." Here are some pictures from a landlubber's chance to experience racing on a former "America's Cup" 12 meter sailboat.

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Article on America's Cup Regatta shore excursion

Boat used to ferry the amateur crew to the America's Cup Regatta

America's Cup Regatta sailboat takes on new crew

America's Cup Regatta sailboats

The harbor at Philipsburg is home to the America's Cup Regatta

The race is on!

The crew of the True North IV 12 meter sailing yacht

The About Cruises Guide takes the wheel of the True North IV

The harbor and dock at Philipsburg, Saint Maarten

Ronnie and Linda Garrison on board the 12 meter True North IV

The 12 meter yacht the Stars & Stripes

Sailing on the True North IV

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