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Holland America Cruises

Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

Holland America operates 15 large and mid-sized deluxe cruise ships, all of which have Dutch names that end in "dam".

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Visit a Dutch Tulip Farm

Saturday April 19, 2014
When in Amsterdam on either ocean or river cruises, I've often gazed at the bunches of tulips in the flower markets and wondered how they were packaged so perfectly.
Tulips ready for shipping to the flower market
I got the chance to visit a Dutch tulip farm when I was in the city last year for the 2013 Viking Longship christening, and loved seeing the process for harvesting, cleaning, trimming, and packaging the tulip bunches.

The Munster family farm I visited is north of Amsterdam near Hoorn, so if you are fascinated by modern farming practices and high-tech machinery, you might want to plan a trip to see this working farm in action.

Tulips Packaged for the Flower Market (c) Linda Garrison

Hubbard Glacier - North America's Largest Tidewater Glacier

Friday April 18, 2014
Cruise ships sailing from Seward often stopover at Yakutat Bay on the Alaskan panhandle.
Hubbard Glacier in Alaska
As a ship enters Yakutat Bay, Hubbard Glacier can be seen from over 30 miles away. This massive Alaska glacier is a staggering 76 miles long, 6.5 miles wide, and 1200 feet deep. Its face is over 400 feet high, which is as high as a 30-40 story building. These photos of the blue ice of the Hubbard Glacier and Yakutat Bay do not begin to show just how large and spectacular this area of Alaska is. You'll have to cruise there and see for yourself!

Hubbard Glacier Photo (c) Linda Garrison

I Trained Dolphins at Cozumel!

Thursday April 17, 2014
While docked in Cozumel, Mexico on the Carnival Liberty, my husband and I shared an amazing experience.
Training a dolphin at Dolphinaris in Cozumel
We learned about dolphins at the Dolphinaris Center in Cozumel, prepared their food, learned several hand signals used to command the dolphins, and then worked with the dolphins just like the trainers do!

After putting the dolphins through their "tricks", we got in the water and interacted with them. The highlight was riding on a dolphin. Of course, after shaking hands/fins, rubbing their tummies, and being kissed by a dolphin, we came away loving these intelligent, amazing creatures even more than before. What a great day!

Dolphinaris Photo Gallery

Linda Garrison and Dolphin Photo at Dolphinaris, Used with Permission

Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater

Wednesday April 16, 2014
The Oasis of the Seas, was launched late in 2009,
Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater
and along with her sister ship, the Allure of the Seas, she is the world's largest cruise ship. The size of the Oasis allowed Royal Caribbean to include numerous venues never before seen on a cruise ship, such as the 700-seat Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater. This water show theater is found on deck 6, at the aft end of the Oasis of the Sea's Boardwalk, one of seven neighborhoods on the ship.

The Aqua Theater has both a daytime water show called "Splish Splash", and a nighttime show called "Oasis of Dreams". Eighteen performers--6 divers, 4 synchronized swimmers, 2 specialty divers, and 6 acrobats perform in the Aqua Theater and its 17-foot, 9-inch deep pool.

Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater (c) Linda Garrison

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